Rise LA Recovery focuses on restoring love and hope in those who walk through our doors.

It all started with the belief that every life is valuable. Every individual has unlimited potential to effect positive change in our world. When one of us gets caught up in a substance use disorder, we lose our ability to bring our gifts to others. We lose our capacity to love, hope, help, and heal. We lose ourselves. It brings tragedy.

Breathe life back into your soul. Find beauty in life through recovery.

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Rise out of addiction at RISE LA.

We are a community of people who have joined forces to fight substance use disorders, one beautiful life at a time.

Drug & Alcohol Detox

Comfortable, safe, gentle, and supervised by L.A.'s most experienced addiction and medical professionals.

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PHP & IOP Treatment

Our PHPs provide excellent support and amazing opportunities to learn new healthy life skills in recovery.

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Sober Living Homes

We've created an atmosphere where our guests can live into their true selves, free from substances.

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Employer Resources

Addiction treatment programs for healthy employees and their families.

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Learn more about addiction.

Rise into the next level of recovery.

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